Accsoon’s new CoMo wireless intercom has long range and battery life

The new Accsoon CoMo headset series touts its new CoMo intercom system as a step above the rest, with good range, reliable, clear audio, and long battery runtime.

The CoMo is a headset-based full-duplex 1.9GHz wireless intercom system with a stated class-leading 1300ft (400m) range and extra-long battery life. Accsoon’s expertise in wireless technology makes CoMo a stable, long-range, high-quality, real-time audio transmission.

External Antenna

Accson states that the key to CoMo performance is the use of an external antenna on the headset band that is both range-enhancing and ergonomic. Each CoMo headset is an all-in-one unit containing earpiece, microphone, battery, antenna, and electronics: there is no bulky bodypack or unwieldy cables. It is designed with a wide range of physical adjustments for different head sizes and can be worn on either the left or right side, depending on preference.


The self-contained concept also carries through into the way the headsets connect. Unlike some other competitors, the CoMo does not require the use of a hub to function with up to nine headsets (one host headset and eight remotes). This simplicity and versatility make CoMo perfect for a wide range of applications, such as film and TV, theater, live sports, weddings, and more.

Straightforward Operation

DSC 3559

Turn on and go. In the unlikely event of a signal drop-out, the CoMo will reconnect automatically. The high-quality microphone has a 150Hz7KHz frequency response and is perfectly placed to capture the user’s voice for clear conversation. The microphone arm also has a Flip-to-Mute function.

Environmental Noise Cancellation

DSC 3564

Strong connectivity is combined with advanced Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC), which detects ambient sounds and reduces them, leaving speech much clearer and more comprehensible. A zero sound leakage design is ideal for operating in quiet environments like theaters.

Long Battery Life

DSC 3527

The CoMo was designed with an extra-high capacity 2320mAh rechargeable battery. It can operate for 10+ hours as a Master headset with 4 remote headsets, 8+ hours as a Master with 8 remote headsets, and an impressive 13+ hours as a remote headset. For extended operating times, the battery can be replaced, keeping the CoMo working as long as you do. The battery can be recharged in less than 2 hours.

Pricing and Kit Options

The CoMo will be available in several different packages:

  • Host $299 USD
  • Remote $299USD
  • 1 headset + 2 remotes $879 USD
  • 1 headset + 4 remotes $1,459 USD
  • 1 headset + 6 remotes $2,029 USD
  • 1 headset + 8 remotes $2,599 USD

The Accsoon CoMo range will be available in June, 2024.The CoMo headsets will be displayed at the Accsoon booth C7535 at the NAB show in Las Vegas from April 14-17 2024.

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