Accsoon Announces CineView 2 SDI


Accsoon has unveiled its new CineView 2 SDI. It has a claimed operating range of 1500ft/450m range with improved stability and lower latency (less than 50ms). It is equipped with HD-SDI and HDMI inputs/outputs.

It features a distinctive all-new design and quad antenna arrangement for stronger transmission and reception. The transmitter and receiver each weigh 200g / 7.05 oz each.

CineView SDI-RX-F.jpg

Constructed of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy the CineView 2 SDI is more compact than previous models and it doesn’t features a fan so it provides silent operation. There is also a new full-color display.

CineView 01.jpg

The CineView 2 SDI TX is equipped with a HD-SDI input, plus HDMI input and loop-through output. The system transmits video signals up to 1080p/60. The RX unit has both HD-SDI and HDMI Full HD outputs. This usefully allows a SDI signal from a camera to be connected wirelessly to a HDMI monitor or switcher, or a HDMI camera to be connected wirelessly to a SDI monitor or switcher.

CineView 2 SDI TX has 4K loop through

The CineView 2 SDI TX unit has a 4K 60P HDMI input and loop-through output. This is useful as the camera can be set to output 4K over HDMI and the signal looped through the transmitter to other 4K devices such as monitors and switchers.

CineView 2 SDI RX with UVC output

The CineView 2 SDI RX unit also has a USB type C UVC output for direct connection to a computer or other compatible device. This allows the video to be input directly to live-streaming software like OBS Studio.


CThe CineView 2 SDI uses the latest generation of Accsoon’s US-patented Dual-Band transmission technology. This sends two sets of Full HD video signals at the same time on different frequencies from the transmitter (TX), which are then intelligently combined into a single final image on the receiver (RX) unit. This is claimed to be inherently more stable than lower performing wireless systems that simply hop between frequencies.

The CineView 2 SDI is backwards compatible with the current CineView SE, HE and Quad models, allowing users to mix and match these as required. Each CineView 2 SDI TX can transmit to up to four CineView 2 SDI, or original CineView RX units in any combination.

Every CineView 2 SDI TX unit can also transmit video directly to iOS and Android devices running the Accsoon SEE app. This can be done simultaneously with transmitting to CineView RX units in any combination of smart devices and RX units totalling up to four.

The Accsoon SEE app features a touch interface and a wide array of video monitoring tools. You can tap on-screen to check focus, view LUTS, bring up waveforms or zebras, de-squeeze anamorphic video, bring up grids and see audio levels. Users can also record and stream using the app. As with the previous version, it can record HD video transmitted from the CineView 2 SDI to your smart device for instant review and social media sharing, plus stream it using RTMP to popular video sharing sites.

CineView SDI-RX-B.jpg

The CineView 2 SDI can be powered via a wide range of sources. The integrated battery plate on the TX and RX accepts NP-F type batteries. With incredibly low power consumption, a single NP-F970 battery can last several hours. Both TX and RX also feature both DC barrel (7.4~16.8V) and USB-C PD power inputs, which are ideal when attaching to a rig and powering from a V-lock battery or power bank. The unit can remain powered on while switching between these sources, allowing for continuous operation on long shoots.

Price & availability

The CineView 2 SDI TX/RX set will cost $649 USD, and it will be available in Q2 2024 from authorized Accsoon dealers.

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