MotoCrane TITAN

MotoCrane has announces TITAN, a new stabilized remote head for large cinema cameras that has been built for extreme performance and robustness. According to MotoCrane, TITAN is the most powerful 3-axis stabilized head in the world

It is said to feature an uncompromised design from its mechanical structure and motors to electronics and sensors.

According to the company, every aspect of TITAN represents the bleeding edge of gyro stabilization technology.

Large gimbals are typically built by welding or bolting structural parts together, however, TITAN has a unified frame, which means all possible features are CNC machined from a single billet of material for the highest strength possible. This gives TITAN its high stiffness and a class-leading payload capacity of 90lbs/41kgs.

TITAN is claimed to be the first 3-axis gimbal in the world to utilize slotless motors. Spotless motors are a special type of brushless motor that eliminates the common cogging problem found in conventional brushless motors. With zero-cogging, TITAN has the ability stabilize large payloads.

TITAN produces over 3000W of peak power and 18Nm of peak torque on each axis. TITAN can operate at vehicle speeds in excess of 100mph.


TITAN is equipped with 12G-SDI slip rings on all 3 axes for completely unrestricted movement (including unlimited 360 degree roll) while passing through hardwired 4K video at up to 60fps. A Fiber Optic Gyro is included with TITAN as standard equipment so that the unit is performing at the highest levels possible right out of the box without needing an expensive upgrade later on. The entire unit is IP65 rated, which means it can operate in direct rainfall while all electronics are safely sealed from the elements.

The TITAN Controller features an all-new, easy to navigate 7.0” touchscreen user interface and user-swappable input modules so operators can configure the Joystick(s) and/or Focus Wheel however they see fit. The TITAN controller can be plugged in directly to TITAN for hard-wired control, or be used wirelessly via the standard 2.4Ghz radio. Wireless radios can also be field-swapped in minutes for installation of the Long Range upgrade (900/868Mhz) to achieve control distances over 1.8 miles (3km) TITAN also features 3x D-Tap power outputs (125W) and built-in 3-pin XLR for outputting 24V to new high power cameras like the Alexa 35 and Venice 2.

The integrated 3-channel motor driver is plug-n-play with MotoCrane’s own Lens Control Motors as well as popular third party options from companies like Hedén and Redrock Micro.

Price & Availability

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TITAN is now available for pre-order, and will begin shipping in August. Above you can see the prices for the various packages that are available.

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