SHAPE Power Station 15000Wh BASECAMP


The SHAPE Power Station 15000Wh BASECAMP was designed to provide dependable, electric battery power on location. SHAPE is teasing the BASECAMP as there aren’t any specifications or a lot of details currently available. It will be officially shown for the first time at NAB 2024.

Screenshot 2024 04 06 at 10 05 47

If you’re working on location or on any production that requires emission-free and virtually noise-free power, the BASECAMP Power Station looks to be a good solution. The BASECAMP was designed to handle any kind of weather.

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The BASECAMP is claimed to be safe and secure when used in production environments. SHAPE states that you can place the unit in close proximity to equipment, vehicles or even with crew without the risk of thermalscape or fire.

SHAPE states that they use sustainable manufacturing and advances in LiFePO4 battery technology to help the environment and saves money.

Screenshot 2024 04 06 at 10 16 39

You can charge and schedule by utilizing the 4″ display. The touch screen displays capacity, time to empty or time to charge in real-time, along with system settings.

There is currently no detailed specifications, pricing, or availability for the BASECAMP.

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