Kino Flo Celeb IKON 6

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Kino Flo has teased its new Celeb IKON 6 which will be shown for the first time at NAB 2024.

According to Kino Flo, the Celeb IKON 6 utilizes the highest spectral quality white light and the benefits of Kino Flo’s pioneering research and technical advancements in the field of LED colorimetry for cinema. The LED system is equipped with two full-spectrum white sources designed to deliver the broadest spectrum white light.

The Celeb IKON 6 is fitted with a five-emitter R-G-B-WW-CW LED configuration. Kino Flo states that the Celeb IKON features a tremendous boost in light output, while maintaining consistent output levels at all color points. It also offers improved spectrum whites through the patented True Match color science. If you are not familiar with True Match, it gives you access to the exact look you want to achieve on camera. It has presets for certain camera profiles and access to full saturated colors with hue angle color adjustments and input RGB values.

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The Celeb IKON 6 is IP65-rated to handle whatever elemental challenges your location brings. According to KINO FLO, the Celeb IKON incorporates the latest technical innovations in a relaunched series bearing the name of the companies most celebrated LED soft lights.

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