Vocas Wolf & Belt Camerabelt

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The Vocas Wolf & Belt Camerabelt is a pretty unusual product and I haven”t personally seen anything like this for quite some time. Essentially it is a belt that you wear that has a wooden block on the side of it that you can use to rest the camera on to take a break the you are shooting hand held. You can also use it to get hand-held shots at waist level.

The Vocas Wolf & Belt Camerabelt is said to be handmade by the best craftsmen in the Netherlands. The belt is made out of the strongest and thickest leather Vocas could find.

It features a wooden block to rest the camera on, two hurricane-proof hooks for the cable and a cobra buckle.

It was primarily designed for ENG work when using larger cameras.

Key features

  • Material belt: leather
  • Material buckle: metal
  • Colour belt/buckle: black
  • Colour hooks: silver
  • Measurements : adjustable from 80-120cm

While it does look like a slightly odd piece of kit, it would be interesting to see how it works in the real world.

Price & Availability

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The Vocas Wolf & Belt Camerabelt is available to purchase for €514.25.

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