Fookus Pookus PowerBlock for Alexa Mini


The Fookus Pookus PowerBlock for Alexa Mini provides additional accessory power ports for your ARRI ALEXA Mini.

It mounts to the camera using the PWR & EXT ports which are passed through the block. It was designed to fit securely to the ALEXA Mini and it is claimed to be incredibly precise and rigid, so it essentially looks like it should have been there out of the factory. The Fischer ports are functional for Run/Stop.

It features the following inputs and outputs:

OutputsLemo 8Pin PWR (Passthrough)
EXT (Passthrough)
2 x Lemo 2Pin 12VDC
2 x Fischer 3Pin 12VDC
4 x D-Tap 12VDC
InputsLemo 8Pin PWR (Passthrough)
EXT (Passthrough)

Price & availability

The first batch will be shipping on the 28th of March. The early bird price of €790.00 (Vat not included) will be available until the first batch is sold out. After that the price will increase to €990.00.

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