DZOFilm updates its Octopus PL-DX Adapter


DZOFilm has updated its Octopus PL-DX Adapter and it is now lighter, stronger, more precise, and more affordable.

If you have a DJI RONIN 4D and want to run PL mount glass then this looks like a good option. At 154g / 5.43 oz it is lighter than the current DZOFilm Octopus Adapter for PL-Mount Lens to DJI Ronin 4D Mount.

🔹 154g Lightweight and Sturdy-built
🔹 Precisely machined within ±0.01mm tight tolerance
🔹 Reliable stainless steel mount
🔹 Internal seamless flocking to reduce stray light

The PL-DX adapter can be used on DJI RONIN 4D without calibration.

Price & Availability

The updated DZOFilm Octopus PL-DX Adapter will retail for $269 USD and it will start shipping in mid-April.

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