Accsoon SeeMo 4K HDMI adapter for iOS

Accsoon has announced its new SeeMo 4K HDMI adapter for iOS. It allows you to record 4K (20Mbps VBR) files direct to the device’s camera roll, as well as live stream 4K UHD to popular social media platforms.

The SeeMo 4K takes the HDMI output from the camera and encodes it into a format that an iOS device running the free Accsoon SEE app can display, record and stream.

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Once recorded footage is on your camera roll it can be shared just like any other iPhone video via iMessage, Airdrop WhatsApp, Messenger or email. You can also use these as a backup to your main footage on your camera, or even use them to edit videos when fast turn around in required.

The SeeMo 4K HDMI adapter for iOS is essentially an upgraded version of the existing HD SeeMo. The new model offers a UHD 4K HDMI input that turns all recent iPhones and iPads into on-camera monitors with 4K streaming. You connect the SeeMo 4K to your camera via HDMI, and then your iOS device via the included Lightning or USB-C cable, and launch the Accsoon SEE app.

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Having a UHD 4K input also means that the image has more resolution when magnified when you need to check focus. Other features include a vertical video mode for creators, Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) for high-end live streamers, LUT burning in for quick turnaround edits, and the ability to add a calibration LUT for those wanting to use their iPad or iPhone as a monitor.

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Because the SeeMo and iOS device are connected via cables it leaves both the Wi-fi and data connections of the iPhone or iPad free for connection to the internet for streaming or uploading.

The SeeMo 4K can accept 2160p at 23.98/24/25/29.97/30fps, 1080p up to 60fps, and 720p up to 60fps. The app is claimed to display the image with low latency that rivals some traditional monitors.

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The SeeMo 4K also features an integrated SD card reader that can be used to transfer photos, videos and other files to and from a USB-C iOS device. This can be useful as it is often quicker and less troublesome than transferring images off a camera using Wi-fi or Bluetooth. It is important to note that videos cannot be recorded directly to the SD card from the SeeMo 4K.

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The SeeMo 4K weighs 115.7g / 4.08 oz (without battery, mount and cable) and measures 92mm×54mm×46.3mm. It comes with a dedicated clamp for iPhones and an Accsoon cold shoe mount included. You can also mount it to most iPads using one of Accsoon’s PowerCages for iPad or be mounted via 1/4 20 screw socket.


The SeeMo 4K can run for hours on a Sony NP-F type battery. It can also charge your iPhone or iPad at the same time over Lightning or USB-C. There is also an additional USB-C output to charge other low-power USB devices like microphones and small on-camera lights as needed.

New upgraded SEE app

The latest version of the free SEE app brings the following new features to the SeeMo line:

  • 90-degree, 180-degree or 270-degree rotation of video for recording and streaming. Ideal for social media users who need vertical video options, especially when combined with the existing ability to flip the on-screen image around while vlogging.
  • The ability to ‘burn’ a custom LUT into Log encoded footage, which can then be recorded to, or streamed from the iOS device. This expands creative possibilities for fast turnaround work where users want to easily add a creative look.
  • An option to add a secondary calibration LUT for viewing that can be used independently of any creative LUT. This allows users who have access to high-end calibration devices to achieve the highest possible level of screen accuracy with their iOS devices.
  • Addition of SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol for advanced users looking to achieve higher quality, low-latency video streams.

Price & Availability

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The Accsoon SeeMo 4K retails for $179 USD and it will be available to buy from authorized Accsoon dealers in April 2024.

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