Teradek Reliable Transport– Critical Ultra-Low Latency Streaming

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Teradek has announced Reliable Transport, a critical ultra-low latency streaming live video transport with near real-time delivery over LAN, WAN, and bonded networks.

Teradek claims that the system has latency as low as 4 frames. TRT allows
broadcasters, government agencies, enterprises, and others to monitor,
produce, and engage with video content instantly.

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Through path measurement, TRT can dynamically adjust your stream buffer size and forward error correction to optimize packet delays across diverse network environments. This allows TRT to maintain its real-time delivery without sacrificing quality.

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In addition to TRT’s application in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint workflows, it also works well over bonded networks, providing video crews in sports and news with reliable, real-time video contribution from nearly any location.

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TRT also offers superior quality for two-way video communication, making it an excellent alternative for high-quality interviews or remote collaboration in the production space. It is best to think of it as a broadcast-quality version of Zoom.

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TRT is available now on all Prism products. To get started with TRT on your Prism, check out Teradek’s  Reference Guide.

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