Flanders Scientific Firmware version 2.4.40 for XMP series monitors


Flanders Scientific has released firmware version 2.4.40 for all XMP series monitors. While this is a minor firmware update, it does include bug fixes for audio de-embedding distortion, and a distorted image in quadrant 3 of quad 3G / 1.5G display mode when using the XMP310.

XMP Series Firmware Update Instructions

Download the latest firmware from FlandersScientific.com. This download is a .zip file that contains the firmware .img file. Unzip the .zip file. Do not try to run or mount the .img file. Connect to XMP Series Monitors using the IP Remote Utility.

To connect an XMP Series Monitor to a network, connect an ethernet cable to the monitor’s LAN port. XMP Series Monitors are DHCP compatible and will obtain an IP address from your network. You can view the monitor’s IP address in the System menu.

Screenshot 2024 03 19 at 9 33 06

Select Update Firmware from the control window to open a file selection dialog box. Select the downloaded and unzipped firmware .img file and press open.

Screenshot 2024 03 19 at 9 33 46

A confirmation dialog box will appear. Press OK to update firmware. The monitor will power cycle. Once the monitor reboots power cycle once more to complete the update procedure.

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