Hawk-Woods Sony BURANO Hot Swap Adapter


Hawk-Woods has a new Sony BURANO Hot Swap Adapter, which they are calling the Hawk-Woods VL-OCIR. It looks to be well suited for use with the BURANO given its form factor and design, but you could also use it on any camera with a V-lock battery plate.

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The VL-OCIR features 4x D-Tap ports and a USB-C output. It allows you to use two mini sized V-lock batteries for when you need extended run times and hot-swapping capabilities. Hawk-Woods doesn’t seem to list what the USB-C output voltage is.

I am surprised that the adaptor doesn’t feature any LEMO power outs. I personally would have preferred to have seen a mix of D-tap and LEMO as a lot more accessories these days can be powered via LEMO cables.

The Internal board monitors power and equipment load, featuring a dual LED indicator for optimal hot-swap timing.

This particular adaptor is well suited for any camera that requires D-taps to be on the left or right side of the adaptor. 

The VL-OCIR weighs 400g / 14.21 oz.

Price & Availability

I couldn’t find a price for the Hawk-Woods Sony BURANO Hot Swap Adapter (VL-OCIR), but similar Hawk-Woods products tend to be around $300 USD.

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