Bright Tangerine LeftField Sony BURANO System

Bright Tangerine has released a nice comprehensive video that goes into detail about its new LeftField Sony BURANO System.

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The system’s foundation is the camera cage, consisting of the BUD compatible bottom plate, sliding top plate, and NATO side plates.

The new KASBAH Shoulder Rig (VCT-14) can be used for handheld, documentary-style filming. You could also use the LeftField 3 BUD baseplate for studio work. To carry the camera you can use the new D-Style Master Handle.

Bright Tangerine has redesigned the monitor mount with 19mm rods, support brackets, and a straight loupe adapter.

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The LeftField BURANO System will start shipping in stages:

March 4
Core Cage (Bottom BUD Plate, Sliding Top Plate, Side Plates) D-Style Master Handle
Floating NATO Side Rail & Wide Cheeseplate
LeftField 3 BUD 15mm LWS Baseplate
KASBAH Shoulder Rig (VCT-14)

April 1 – April 14
Monitor Mounting & Axl Adapters
Straight Loupe Adapter
Axl NATO EVF Mount
Master Handle Extensions

Power & IO

Items Covered in the video

Prices start from £879 and go up to £2,239 depending on the kit you choose.

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