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ARRI has released LiOS3, the latest software update brings new features, especially for the SkyPanel X.

LiOS3 gives the SkyPanel X ARRI ALEXA Modes, DMX Mode Spec 6.0, LumenRadio CRMX2 support, modularity for array setups, and Bluetooth 5.0 control via the ARRI LiCo app.

This is the initial factory default firmware release for all SkyPanel X product variants. Since LiOS is a unified soft- and firmware platform for both, SkyPanel X as well as Orbiter, this firmware can also be installed onto any Orbiter fixture. Please note however, that LiOS3.0.13 for now only supports Orbiter in Beta state. A fully tested and show safe update for the Orbiter will be released in the near future.

LiOS amalgamates and expands on the features of ARRI’s LED lights. The software updates are designed to make the SkyPanel X and Orbiter more user-friendly and customizable.

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SkyPanel X features three ALEXA Modes, which support the color science of the ALEXA 35 and previous ALEXA/AMIRA cameras.

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