Pixotope Pocket– a virtual production tool for smartphones

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Pixotope has announced the wider commercial release of Pixotope Pocket, a mobile application that brings real-time virtual production solutions straight to your smartphone.

The aim of Pixotope Pocket is to democratizes the creation of immersive content by providing easy, unfettered access to augmented reality (AR) and virtual studio (VS) tools and workflows. Users only need a smartphone running iOS, a PC with Windows system, and Pixotope Graphics license to create powerful and immersive content anywhere without the need for a fully equipped studio.

Pixotope Pocket was initially released as an educational tool within the global Pixotope Education Program.

Gloucester University, along with other institutions in the Pixotope Education Program, has been an early adopter of Pixotope Pocket, integrating it into their curriculum to teach students the essential components of virtual production. This approach has allowed students to gain more hands-on experience with augmented reality (AR) and virtual studio (VS) tools, preparing the next generation of content creators for the evolving demands of the digital world. 


Unlike traditional AR and VS workflows, with Pixotope Pocket, there is no need for a broadcast camera and tracking software and hardware. Anyone can use their mobile phone camera to shoot footage while Pixotope Pocket takes care of the camera tracking. It does this by combining device motion tracking, camera scene capture, and advanced scene processing. Video and tracking data are transmitted via SRT stream through a local network to the local machine that has Pixotope Graphics installed.

Pixotope Pocket is currently available for iOS with a planned expansion to Android platforms, opening up a world of possibilities to creatives across various operating systems.

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