How Greig Fraser ACS, ASC used the ARRI ALEXA 65 & ALEXA Mini LF along with custom optics for Dune: Part Two

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ARRI Rental has put up a nice article about how Greig Fraser ACS, ASC used the ALEXA 65 and ALEXA Mini LF, along with lenses from ARRI Rental optics chosen for director Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two.

Greig Fraser ACS, ASC decided to go with the same cameras he used on Dune for Dune: Part Two. ARRI Rental provided the IMAX-certified cameras as well as lenses and grip equipment.

Fraser decided to stick with spherical optics, and in in collaboration with ARRI Rental, he ended up choosing diverse selection of options. These ranged from ARRI Rental’s re-housed 1980s Moviecams, re-housed Soviet-era glass supplied by IronGlass and some of his own lenses.

ARRI Rental also provided additional lenses from its HEROES collection, including the 57mm LOOK lens with Petzval glass where you can dial in your effect with a third lens ring, and a 50mm T.ONE lens.

To find out a lot more head over to ARRI Rental to read the full article.

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