ARRI SkyPanel X Tech Tips

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ARRI has released a bunch of new SkyPanel X Tech Tips that give you quick and concise information about how to operate and set-up the fixtures.

ARRI ALEXA Mode and Operational Modes for SkyPanel X

There are three Operational Modes for the SkyPanel X: the “Standard” mode, the “High Output” mode, which is the brightest mode, and the “High CRI Vari Fan” that offers the best color. All of them can be combined with the “ARRI ALEXA Modes” for the best color quality when shooting with an ALEXA camera. Learn in this video where to find these Operational Modes and how to activate the ARRI ALEXA Modes for the SkyPanel X.

Color Mode Favorites for SkyPanel X

In the above video you can find out how to add, save and manage your favorite colors (CCT, HSI, xy Coordinates, etc.) for SkyPanel X

DMX User Presets for SkyPanel X

You can save up to 10 DMX User Presets for SkyPanel X. In the above video ARRI shows you where to find and store your DMX User Presets and where to change your DMX settings.

Bluetooth Settings on the SkyPanel X

In the above video you can find out how you can use the Bluetooth settings to connect your SkyPanel X to mobile devices for quick control

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