In the latest RED TECH video, Loren runs through the capabilities of the RED V-RAPTOR [X] and V-RAPTOR XL [X] when used in virtual production environments.

In particular, he talks about how Phantom Track, part of the V-RAPTOR [X]’s Global Vision, revolutionizes the workflow by capturing multiple environments simultaneously, streamlining post-production, and enhancing on-set collaboration for a more seamless LED volume experience.

The Phantom Track function was designed to streamline any virtual production workflow using GhostFrame or frame remapping, capturing R3D clips for each subframe slice in addition to enabling monitoring of either slice live on set over each SDI output. This enables your director and talent to work with the aid of a greenscreen background while the VF/X team can simultaneously view the frame without having to view or lock in that background. Phantom Track can also be used when applying dedicated ad overlays during a live broadcast.

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