Nanlink APP 2.0– revamped UI & Light Plot

Nanlite has announced Nanlink APP 2.0, which features a completely revamped user interface with better visual representations, and the addition of a controllable light plot. These enhancements are the direct result of collating user feedback.

The new visually driven user interface features a variety of easy-to-understand icons. These icons assist users in intuitively understanding the status and parameters of the lighting fixtures.

Light Plot

Screenshot 2024 02 26 at 21 47 27

Part of the new Nanlink APP 2.0 is a feature called Light Plot. This innovative addition allows users to navigate lights inside a graphical map.

Screenshot 2024 02 26 at 21 49 33

Users can make a light plot by creating the scene, adding fixtures, modifiers and props to enable team members to quickly understand the specific location of each fixture. Fixtures on the light plot can also be used to directly control the actual lighting fixtures on set. This eliminates the need to look for fixture in a list. Instead, you can simply tap the corresponding fixture element on the light plot for controls.

Nanlink APP 2.0 also inherits and optimizes the scene creation and group control features from the previous version.

Four Different Versions

Screenshot 2024 02 26 at 21 50 14

There are four versions of Nanlink APP 2.0 tailored for iOS, iPadOS and Android systems. All four versions have the same capabilities.

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