Cooke SP3 Interchangeable RF-Mount/ L-Mount/ M-Mounts

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Duclos Lenses is now selling interchangeable mounts for the new Cooke SP3 primes that allow you to change them over from native Sony E-mount to Canon RF-mount, Leica-L mount, or Leica M-mount.

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You can also purchase them at B&H.

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Duclos Lenses is also selling the Cooke SP3 Primes as a kit with Canon RF mounts included.

You can also buy the RF mount kit separately if you prefer. The mount kits are universal in that each kit will fit onto any of the SP3 Prime focal lengths and include a shim pack for fine flange distance adjustments. Installation will require a T6 Torx and a 2mm Hex driver. 

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The Cooke SP3 Primes were launched last month and they were only natively available in Sony E-mount which did somewhat limit their versatility. It is good to see Cooke come up with a solution for users of cameras like the RED KOMODO, V-RAPTOR, Canon C70, Canon R5C, etc. By also making interchangable mounts in Leica L and Leica M owners of the lenses can use them of a far larger array of camera platforms.

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The Cooke SP3 Primes that you can purchase through Duclos Lenses are equipped with a standard Sony E mount and interchangeable Canon RF mount, standardized gearing positions, anodized aluminum housings, the SP3 primes are a versatile tool for Full Frame and Super 35 format mirrorless motion picture camera systems. While the SP3 are well enough equipped to take on the A cam role, they’ll be just as good shooting alongside the Cooke Panchro/i Classic primes as B cam for the more challenging shots. 

While they ship natively in Sony E mount with RF mounts included, an additional set option also includes L mounts (boxed separately). M mounts will be available soon.

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You can also enjoy complimentary mount swaps for two years with the Duclos Service+ Program, that is included with all new lenses. Duclos Lenses technicians can pre-configure new orders to Canon RF, ensuring they’re calibrated and ready for immediate use upon delivery.

Duclos Lenses is also offering customers the ability to arrange a private demo with their knowledgeable team in a no-pressure environment. This allows you to Experience the Cooke SP3 Primes’ capabilities firsthand on their cameras, or you can bring your own.

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