KONDOR BLUE Stalman Clamp For Vertical Filmmaking Review

Tyler Stalman partnered with Kondor Blue to create the Stalman Clamp out of necessity. He was finding most mobile phone clamps were primarily designed for landscape orientation. His design concept lends to vertical capture with a clamp that includes pro-level ARRI accessory mounts, an Arca-Swiss mount built into the design, and accessories to expand with. The clamp is made of aerospace-grade aluminum and steel and has a lifetime warranty.

Tyler 3 900x

vertical Video is a popular social media orientation as well as for video billboards. Having the mobile device in a securely mounted clamp makes going live on TikTok or creating YouTube shorts easier.

The clamp has a solid feel with smooth edges. It’s spring-loaded and fits the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Max well. The clamps cutout goes around the lenses and has a well-centered grip on the iPhone. The clamp is not bulky.

On top and back are a 1/4 20″ ARRI accessory mount. Rubber pads on the clamp and inner body prevent scratches and added grip.

It also works seamlessly with a range of KONDOR BLUE accessories that allow you to add power, media, mics, and more. The kit includes a 1/4 20″ screw for mounting an accessory and allen wrench. There are also two small rubber pads.

Stalman Clamp RRS

Key features

  • Vertical first clamp
  • Designed in collaboration with YouTube/TikTok creator, Tyler Stalman
  • Integrated 40 Gbps USB-C Elbow Adapter (works with most phone cases)
  • Strong clamping force
  • Mini dovetail for easy access to USB-C port
  • Anti-twist mounts (ARRI standard spacing)
  • DJI-compatible Arca plate integrated
  • Camera block protection

USB-C Elbow

With the release of the iPhone 15 Pro with upgraded USB-C, getting a cage/clamp to work with the vastly different-sized connectors can be challenging. A 40 Gbps USB-C Elbow Adapter is a nice feature, so compatibility is higher.
The adapter is covered by a mini dovetail plate held magnetically in place. The plate also features a ¼”-20 anti-twist mount. With the USB-C mount now pointing to the back of the phone, it’s prepped to add accessories like an external SSD.

I like the magnetic cover for the USB elbow connector. It serves two purposes. With the cover off, the adapter is easy and safe to plug into the iPhone. The cover now slides into place and covers the bottom with another 1/4 20″ Arri Accessory mounting point. The magnetic hold is strong and won’t come off accidentally.

This is handy if your tripod doesn’t have an Arca Swiss-style clamp. You can add a different camera plate or screw a small portable 1/4 20″ Mini Table Top Tripod directly to the bottom.

Integrated Arca Swiss Mount

Stalman Clamp Story

The clamp has an Arca Swiss mount and a mounting point for other tripod plates. This is very handy if you use the Arca Swiss system on your tripods, as it keeps the clamp more compact. If you don’t use it, you have the Arri accessory 1/4 20″ to put a camera plate of your choice. Kondor Blue states the mount is compatible with DJ products.

Stalman Clamp RRS 3

How compatible is the Acra Swis mount? If you use the Arca Swiss system, I know you’ve experienced out-of-spec Arca Swiss camera plates with poor tolerances that dont play well with the proper clamp dimensions. I tested the Stalman Clamp with a Really Right Stuff clamp, as I find theirs to be accurate. Good news! It fits perfectly.

Using the Clamp With a Case

Cases fit phones differently. Some are thick, while others are thinner. They can also make using a USB-C cable problematic if the connector end is fat and won’t fit the extra height the case adds around the input. I always have a case on my iPhone as I don’t want to deal with a bad drop and damage my expensive mobile device.

With that, clamps can be problematic when using a case, and I did find my case not to work well. The lip around the lenses is wider, so the cutout that goes around the lenses on the clamp is pushed off center and is crooked. If you are using the USB-C option with an SSD, this causes the connector to be askew and could cause disconnect issues.

Kondor Blue states the Stallman Clamp is compatible with cases up to 2.5mm thick, such as the Apple silicon case 1.5mm.

The top and bottom portions of the clamp are designed to hold the iPhone perfectly without the case. With mine on, it’s thicker and doesn’t go around the iPhone entirely, making it a bit insecure. It will work, but I wouldn’t trust it. my advice is dont use a case that is not compatible.

Add Ons

Tyler2 900x
Stalman Clamp with PRO-BLADE SSD HANDLE for Sandisk USB-C Recording

The KONDOR BLUE Stalman Clamp is a base cage. You can add more accessories if needed from here, as KONDOR BLUE has several ready to go.

Final Thoughts

The clamp works well for its intended purpose. I like that there are options for mounting an SSD or adding a handle with the SSD inside it. The USB-C adapter that changes the direction of the connector is a nice feature, but be careful, as it can pop out when no iPhone is attached. You dont want to lose it!

The Stalman Clamp retails for $75 and is available in Space Gray and Raven Black.

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