Laowa Nanomorph 1.5x Anamorphic Zooms

Laowa has announced some details about its upcoming Nanomorph 1.5x anamorphic zooms. They will certainly be the most affordable and compact options available. The Series consists of the 28-55mm T2.9 and a 50-100mm T2.9.

Nanozoom DSC01300 copy 1

Both lenses cover Super 35 sensors and their weight is below 1.5kg / 3.31 lbs. I will have a full and comprehensive review of these new lenses very soon, but I can’t tell you all of the specifications and details just yet, you will have to wait!

We have seen a lot of affordable anamorphic primes hitting the market in the last few years, but anamorphic zooms are an entirely different story. The closest thing we have seen to an affordable anamorphic zoom was arguably the Ranger 28-75mm T2.9 & 75-180mm T2.9 Full Frame Zooms and the 1.33x front anamorphic adapter, and before that, the Laowa OOOM 25-100mm T2.9 Cine Lens Bundle which came with a 1.33x rear anamorphic adapter. 

Laowa has a reputation for making unique and interesting lenses and they don’t follow what others manufacturers do. 

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Laowa claims that the Nanomorph zooms offer a stunning and realistic visual experience with its outstanding image quality, minimal distortion and chromatic aberration, and a unique ability to create beautiful bokeh and flare effects.

Screenshot 2024 02 13 at 12 21 26 PM

Both lenses can also be used with the 1.33X Front Adapter that was released last year for the Ranger full frame zooms. This allows users to achieve a 2X anamorphic squeeze ratio with the Nanomorph zooms.

Price & Availability

The Laowa Nanomorph zooms will be available to pre-order on Indiegogo from March 1st, 2024 at GMT 14:00 / EST 09:00 / PST 06:00 / HKT 22:00. Please stay tuned for more product info. By signing up, supporters will be the first to know when the campaign goes live and will have access to early-bird perks and exclusive offers.

The Laowa Nanomorph zooms will be available to early backers for as low as $2,399 USD each, or $4,059 USD for the two lens set.

The regular Indiegogo price for a single lens will be $2,849 USD, or $5,509 USD for the 2-lens set.

Screenshot 2024 02 19 at 21 51 27

Laowa is offering 10 perks in total, with discounts from 5% to 30% for single lenses or 2-lens sets. Additionally, Laowa is offering a 10% off deal for a special customized edition of the Nanomorph Zoom 2-lens set.

Laowa is also offering one of its backers the chance to get a Nanomorph Zoom lens in ARRI PL mount for only $1 USD.

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