Bright Tangerine Sony BURANO LeftField System

The Bright Tangerine Sony BURANO LeftField System was designed for versatility across diverse applications, catering to wide array of filmmaking situations or setups. You can choose from a range of kits or build your own.

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The system’s foundation is the camera cage, which consists of the BUD compatible bottom plate, sliding top plate, and NATO side plates.

burano cine kit

You can also use the new KASBAH Shoulder Rig (VCT-14) for handheld, documentary-style filming or the LeftField 3 BUD baseplate for studio work. Easily transport gear with the new D-Style Master Handle.

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Bright Tangerine has also redesigned the monitor mount with 19mm rods, support brackets, and a straight loupe adapter.

Price & Availability

Here are the prices for the three kits:

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The LeftField BURANO System will start shipping in stages:

March 1st

  • Core Cage (Bottom BUD Plate, Sliding Top Plate, Side Plates)
  • D-Style Master Handle Floating NATO Side Rail & Wide Cheeseplate
  • LeftField 3 BUD 15mm LWS Baseplate
  • KASBAH Shoulder Rig (VCT-14)

End of March

  • Monitor Mounting & Axl Adapters
  • Straight Loupe Adapter
  • Axl NATO EVF Mount
  • Master Handle Extensions


  • Power & IO

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