Antelope Camera Systems Nucleus Pico 90°


Antelope Camera Systems has officially announced its new Nucleus Pico 90° global shutter camera. Now, there is very good chance you have already seen footage from these cameras as ten Nucleus Pico 90° were used simultaneously at the 2024 NFL Superbowl, providing live ultra slow motion footage.  

Key features

  • 250 FPS @ UHD
  • Extremely Thin Design
  • >120 min Triggerless Recording

The Nucleus Pico 90° offers all the features of the existing Nucleus Pico, in a new, extremely thin design. The housing of the Nucleus Pico 90° has a depth of only 36 mm. This opens up completely new possibilities for hiding the camera on the playing field or in TV studio sets. 

The new design of the Nucleus Pico 90° allows it to be concealed in goalposts, pylons, net posts, etc., allowing camera viewpoints to be much closer to the action. For more control, an optional lens motor unit can be attached.

In addition to instant slow-motion images, the Nucleus Pico System also provides real-time, normal-speed images. The live output is available simultaneously with the Super Motion output, allowing you to use the Nucleus Pico for both slow-motion and standard shooting purposes for maximum versatility.

Screenshot 2024 02 19 at 9 39 01

The system consists of a special super slow-motion SSD server, that continually records, capturing the entire event for up to 120 minutes. It comes with an industry approved remote control panel that provides direct access to all camera functions and allows the operator to instantly find and replay any moment.

The built-in Zoom Extraction System lets you digitally zoom in, reframe, and extract specific scenes at any size, all through an intuitive interface. Set dynamic zooming effects at key points and various sizes within the live feed and even in slow-motion instant replays.

Screenshot 2024 02 19 at 9 37 52

Above you can see how the image chain works.

The Nucleus Pico 90° is available uses a newly developed durable flanged mounting system positive lock (PL) mount or alternatively a traditional C-mount.

Technical Specifications


  • Sensor: Sony – CMOS
  • Pixel and Resolution: 4128 x 3008 – 2.74μm – 12.4MP
  • Shutter: Global – 5μs – 1s
  • Power: 12V – 800mA
  • Interface: 1x SFP 28 – 25 GigE
  • Dynamic Range: 74dB – HDR modes
  • Frame Rate: 250 FPS @ UHD/ 480FPS @ FHD
  • Size and Weight: 60x36x164mm – 410g
  • Size with Lens: 60x53x164mm
  • Mount: MINI PL / C-MOUNT


  • Storage: SSD RAID Up to 32 TB
  • Remote Control Vision and Replay via IP
  • Bit Rate: 8bit-4:2:0/10bit-4:2:2/12bit-4:4:4
  • Color Space: Rec 709/BT2020
  • Interface: 2x SFP 28 – 25 GigE
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Clips Creation and Management


  • 3x 12G SDI
  • 2x Live (permanent live feed)
  • 2x Replay (Simultaneous recording and playout)

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