SmallHD Quantum 32 Reference OLED


SmallHD has teased its new Quantum 32 true reference OLED, which they are touting as being their most advanced display to date. 

The Quantum 32 utilizes nanotechnology to achieve what SmallHD states as being unparalleled color and dynamic range to meet the demands of HDR color grading and mastering. 

What is interesting is that the Quantum 32 is the result of a partnership between SmallHD and Samsung to create an HDR reference monitor that meets the requirements of motion picture production and post. Samsung has pioneered quantum dot OLED, utilizing Nobel Prize-winning nanotechnology to achieve unparalleled color and dynamic range.

QD-OLED panels directly emit narrow spectrum RGB light evenly in all directions, providing uniform luminance up to 1000nits, extending color gamut coverage to over 90% of BT.2020, and enabling an exceptionally wide viewing angle.

Quantum dot OLED enables an exceptionally high volume of color expressions. The results more closely approximate human vision.

The Quantum 32 features a new, more powerful central processor with
an entirely custom-designed architecture running PageOS, SmallHD’s unique operating system. PageOS is an intuitive and highly customizable page-based monitoring interface with extensive tools for video engineering workflows, and numerous third-party software integrations.

Screenshot 2024 02 17 at 23 27 55

The Quantum 32 has a headphone jack, SD card slot, a 5V 2.4V USB port, and a speaker on the front, along with a variety of function buttons and display adjustment dials.

Screenshot 2024 02 17 at 23 28 53

On the back there is the same dovetail mounting system that you will find on there SmallHD Cine series of monitors where you can mount optional battery plates, etc. There is also a RP-SMA WiFi antenna connector.

Screenshot 2024 02 17 at 23 28 34

As far as inputs and outputs are concerned, the monitor has the following:

  • 1x 3-pin XLR power input
  • 1x HDMI In
  • 1x HDMI Out
  • 1x Ethernet port
  • 2x 2-pin power outputs
  • USB-A Input
  • 4x 12G SDI Inputs
  • 4x 12G SDI Outputs

There is currently no further information about the Quantum 32 available at this stage. I would imagine we won”t see pricing and further details until closer to NAB.

It will be interesting to see what the Quantum 32 will be priced at as it will face stiff competition from existing reference monitors that are already on the market.

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