Filmmakers Academy Sony BURANO Demo with Shane Hurlbut ASC

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Last week the Filmmakers Academy had a live Sony BURANO Demo with Shane Hurlbut ASC, and they have now made it available to watch for free online.

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You can watch the Sony BURANO demo at this link.

The Sony BURANO Demo delivered an in-depth view into Sony’s all-new camera system, showing it alongside the VENICE 2 and F55.

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Image credit: Filmmakers Academy

The demo was broadcast live from Sony Studios in Los Angeles. Shane Hurlbut, ASC took the BURANO through the paces, along with Katie Eleneke (cinematographer), Derek Johnson (DIT/colorist), and Jason Robbins (camera operator/gimbal specialist).

The demo went for around two-and-a-half-hour. If you are interested in the BURANO, this video has a lot of valuable information, although it would have been good to have seen a more in-depth comparison doing under and over exposure tests with the BURANO and VENICE 2.

What I found interesting is that during the demo they did confirm that a 4:3 imaging mode is coming at some stage in the future where you will be able to shoot in anamorphic modes.

Key Overview of the BURANO Demo:

  • After reviewing tech specs with Katie Eleneke, Shane compares the BURANO to the VENICE 2 and F55.
  • After that, Jason Robbins mounted the BURANO to the DJI Ronin 2 to test its performance in action. 
  • Lastly, they tested the BURANO’s AF function and demonstrated how it racked focus with Touch Tracking and AI Subject Recognition.  
  • For a cursory glance at the BURANO pre-demonstration, check out Experience Evolution with the Sony BURANO

If you are not familiar with the Filmmakers Academy, you can access hundreds of hours of training videos and educational content, coaching sessions with mentors, and a global community of filmmakers.

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They have three tier levels of membership that you can purchase.

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