Panavision Ultra Panatar II 1.3x Anamorphic Primes


The Ultra Panatar II 1.3x Anamorphic Primes are the newest addition to the Panavision family. They feature a 1.3x squeeze, a warm-hued flare, and they cover a 46mm diagonal.

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The Ultra Panatar II lenses were built to meet the demands of modern productions, and they offer a vintage Panavision anamorphic feel with vertical breathing, organic falloff, and a warm-hued flare. According to Panavision, they are well suited for visual effects and virtual production, as they deliver controlled distortion and consistent resolution across the field while covering a 46mm diagonal.

The Ultra Panatar II are available in the following focal lengths:

  • 35mm T2.8
  • 40mm T2.8
  • 50mm T2.8
  • 65mm T2.8
  • 85mm T2.8
  • 100mm T2.8
  • 135mm T2.8

The lenses weigh between 5.8 lb / 2.63 kg and 6.5 lb / 2.94. They have a front diameter of 126mm.

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Close focus for the 35, 40, 50 and 65mm is 24″ / 60.96cm. For the 85mm it is 36″ / 91.44cm, for the 100mm it is 30″ / 76.2cm, and for the 135mm it is 42″ / 106.68cm.

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The Ultra Panatar II feature an anamorphic look that provides the feel of 2x-squeeze optics. Having a 1.3x squeeze that helps maximize the lenses’ adaptability for different aspect ratios while meeting modern resolution requirements. 

The Ultra Panatar II is now part of a very extensive range of rental only anamorphic lenses that are available from Panavision.

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The Ultra Panatar II shouldn’t be confused with the existing Ultra Panatar anamorphic lenses that are available in 9 focal lengths ranging from 35-300mm. Those lenses feature an elliptical bokeh has been manipulated to look like that of a higher compression ratio lens. The Ultra Panatars fit any camera that can accommodate Panavision’s System 65 camera mount. They have been used on movies such as The Power Of The Dog, Avengers: Endgame, The King, and Evil Dead Rise

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