Zacuto Z-Finder for Sony BURANO


The Zacuto Z-Finder for Sony BURANO is an optical viewfinder that uses 2.5x magnification to turn to BURANO’s LCD monitor into a clear, easy-to-focus viewfinder.

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This version was designed specifically for use with the Sony BURANO, however, it is based on a long standing existing product that has been around for many years. The Z-Finder features a flip-up design and a diopter wheel for focusing. It also includes two extender frames for farsighted use and can be used with separately available drop-in diopters for further correction.

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You could use the Z-Finder for Sony BURANO instead of the included loupe. It should still work with most of the third-party LCD bracket modifications that are now available for the BURANO.

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Key features

  • Optical Viewfinder for Sony LCD Monitor
  • For Sony BURANO Cinema Camera
  • Blocks Extraneous Light
  • 2.5x Magnification, Focusing Diopter
  • Flips Open to View LCD from Distance
  • -4 to 0 Diopter Range
  • Built-In Aluminum Sun Mask
  • 2 Extender Frames, 2 Anti-Fog Disks
  • Does Not Interfere with LCD Mounting Arm
  • Made in the USA
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According to Zacuto, the finder’s large, lightproof eyecup also increases the stability of your handheld footage by adding a point of contact between the camera and your eye.

A built-in aluminum sun mask on the Z-Finder protects your LCD screen from sunlight. You also get one installed, and one additional Anti-Fog disk to help keep your view clear in humid or cold environments.

You should be aware that the Z-Finder is a magnifier, and as such will magnify the sun, which can damage the LCD screen if the sun is allowed to shine directly through the Z-Finder lens. Zacuto recommends that you use the enclosed lens cap to block light from entering your Z-Finder when not in use.

Price & Availability

The Zacuto Z-Finder for Sony BURANO is now available to purchase for $565.25 USD.

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