Irix Limited Edition White Cine Lenses

Irix has unveiled a limited edition white version of its Cine Lenses. There is optically and mrchanically no difference from the regular versions, except that the housing is white.

Iris states that the limited line of Irix Cine lenses is dedicated to those who love to stand out and express their individualistic character through not only their work but also the equipment they use.

We have sen quite a few lens companies making white versions of their lenses. I personally don’t care what color my lenses are, but each to their own. I often wonder that the whole fad with white lenses and cameras wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for social media platforms.

Irix Cine White 150 mm 3 of 3 1x1 1

The limited edition versions come with an extended warranty period and owners will be able to register their lenses via the Irix website to secure a limited edition certificate. They will also receive access to an exclusive communication channel. 

Price & Availability

Irix Cine White Set 3 of 18

The Irix White Cine Lens are now available via the official Irix online store and through selected dealers. The limited edition  lenses are available at a recommended retail price between €1,435.00 and €1,575.00 including VAT. 

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