Teradek TV– a real-time viewing platform for production & post

Teradek has announced Teradek TV, a real-time viewing platform for production and post. Teradek TV was designed to allow productions to set up and share encrypted ultra high-quality video feeds with extremely low delay, so that creatives, executives, and other stakeholders have the ability to collaborate in real-time. 

Teradek TV enables any production team, project, or even an entire studio to ‘drag and drop’ their video village or post suite into the cloud. It is a scalable solution that gives permission-based visibility across studio-level production slates in real-time, with live feeds, downloadable instant proxies for dailies, editorial, VFX, cross-platform color management, and metadata support. Teradek states that military-grade encryption blocks unauthorized access to content and utilizes user-specific watermarking on every frame.

Main Features of Teradek TV 

  • Color-Accurate 4K HDR – Teradek TV passes complete color pipe information so that you can trust that you are seeing the creatives’ intent, no matter the device.
  • Multi-Camera Live Feeds – View preset camera layouts or arrange up to 4 camera feeds. Production Audio can be included in the stream.
  • Instant Recordings Playback – Watch playback from anywhere in the world. Or give your editor access to download all of the day’s proxy files so they can get a head start on the assembly.
  • Voice and Text Chat – Your team members are only ever a mic mute away. Make decisions faster.
  • Privacy within your Space – In Teradek TV, the Live Feeds, Recordings, and Chat live in dedicated Spaces. This means each department, unit, or vendor can have their own private communication.
  • Visibility across multiple productions – If you are attached to more than one production using Teradek TV, you can quickly jump between productions to see what’s happening in each one.

So how does it work?

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You can connect to Teradek TV by using any camera or other production equipment that is attached a compatible Teradek encoder. You can then manage access and add users in the cloud. Anyone who has access can then use Teradek TV to access material on viewing apps for popular devices including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Mac, and Windows.

Which encoders are compatible with Teradek TV?

The Serv Micro, Serv 4K, and Prism Encoders are compatible with Teradek TV.

What’s the difference between Teradek TV and Core?

Teradek already has Core, so you may well be asking how does Teradek TV differ? Teradek TV is a secure, managed-access streaming platform designed specifically for production and post-production. It is built to be a video village or post review in the cloud. Where as Teradek Core is a broadcast streaming platform designed to route and distribute video feeds to multiple live destinations like Youtube, Twitch, or traditional broadcasters.

Use case scenarios

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What networking requirements does Teradek TV need?

If you have a pre-existing Wi-Fi network on set or in your post facility, you can connect your compatible encoder to that network. If you are in need a
networking solution and/or cellular options, Teradek also offers networking
hardware and even cellular data plans.


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There are three different plans available. You can choose from Basic which costs $49 USD per user per month. Pro which is $99 USD per user per month, and there is also an Enterprise (Studio) version available.

The Basic version is limited to 1080p 8-bit with a maximum bitrate of 5Mbps.

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