NANLITE PavoSlim 60C & 120C Dual-Panel Coupler Kit

NANLITE PavoSlim 60C 120CDual Panel Coupler Kit

Nanlite has released a Dual Panel Coupler Kit (AS-DPC-PS120-KIT) for the PavoSlim 120B/C. It’s designed to combine two PavoSlim 120B or 120C panels into a single large light source with the option to attach them horizontally to create a 2×2 panel or vertically to create a 4×1 panel.

The PavoSlim 120B/C is a lightweight fixture with a rigid metal construction that creates a large and powerful soft light source.

To learn more on the PavoSlim 60C & 120C. check out our review.

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The 120B/C Dual-Panel Coupler Kit can be configured to create a 2×2 or 4×1 arrangement

Dual-Panel Coupler Kit Key features

  • 2’×1′ size
  • Bi-Color or RGBWW LED panel light with metal housing
  • 4 times output amplified via optical lens compared to similar products
  • Wide CCT range: 2700K-6500K for PavoSlim 120B, 2700K-7500K (GM±150) for PavoSlim 120C
  • Comprehensive lighting modes for PavoSlim 120C: CCT/HSI/RGBW/GEL/EFFECT
  • Intuitive operation with two buttons, two knobs, and two-inch screen
  • Multiple control methods: On-board, Remote Controller, DMX/RDM, NANLINK APP, and LumenRadio CRMX (LumenRadio CRMX PavoSlim 120C only)

The Dual-Panel Coupler Kit joins two PavoSlim panels through the sockets on the back of each fixture. They are attached by simply aligning the central mounting points on the back of each PavoSlim with the secure plate at both ends of the Dual-Panel Coupler.

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The 120B/C Dual-Panel Coupler Kit

The PavoSlim 120B/C Dual-Panel Coupler Kit retails for $279 USD. For more information on the PavoSlim series, please visit the NANLITE website.

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