NANLITE Magnetic Base Adapter Set for PavoSlim Series LED Lights

nanlite 2

NANLITE today released the Magnetic Base Adapter with 1/4″-20 Thread Set for the PavoSlim series of LED lights. Specifically designed for use with the PavoSlim 60W and 120W lighting fixtures. The accessory offers additional flexibility with magnetic mounting. Obviously, you need a metal surface to use the magnetic option.

The system uses strong neodymium magnets to offer mounting with a secure hold. The set includes four Magnetic Base Adapters, each weighing 33g, that screw into each corner of a PavoSlim LED light with a 1/4″-20 Thread. With the magnetic mount option and a metal surface, it’s a great option for quick setups.


The PavoSlim series, consisting of the RGBWW PavoSlim 60C and 120C and the Bi-color PavoSlim 60B and 120B, boasts a slim and lightweight design with a separate control unit. This design, combined with the Magnetic Base Adapter, offers a versatile option for rapid deployment on a metal surface.

Check out our in-depth review of the PavoSlim LED lights.


Key features

  • Available in 1×1’ and 2×1′ size options
  • Bi-Color or RGBWW LED panel light with metal housing
  • 4 times output amplified via optical lens compared to similar products 
  • Wide CCT range: 2700K-6500K for PavoSlim 60B/120B, 2700K-7500K (GM±150) for PavoSlim 60C/120C
  • Comprehensive lighting modes for PavoSlim 60C/120C: CCT/HSI/RGBW/GEL/EFFECT
  • Intuitive operation with two buttons, two knobs, and two-inch screen
  • Multiple control methods: On-board, Remote Controller, DMX/RDM, NANLINK APP, and LumenRadio CRMX (LumenRadio CRMX PavoSlim60C/120C only)

The Magnetic Base Adapter with 1/4″-20 Thread Set retails for $14.90 USD

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