NANLUX FL-35E Motorized Fresnel Lens for the Evoke 2400B

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NANLUX has unveiled the FL-35E, a new Motorized Fresnel Lens for the Evoke 2400B LED spotlight. The Fresnel will have an adjustable beam angle from 15° to 46° and weigh 10kg / 22.04 lb.

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The Fresnel lens has a precise motorized adjustment mechanism which is powered via the electronic contacts in NANLUX’s NL mount on the Evoke 2400B. There are multiple control methods with users able to control the lens remotely via the NANLINK APP, wired controller or DMX console. There is also the option to control the motor on the fixture itself using a physical button.

The Motorized Fresnel Lens FL-35E was designed so that you can attach it directly to the Evoke 2400B’s NL mount without additional support.

The Fresnel lens weighs 10kg / 22.05 lb and has dimensions of 430.38 × 490.15 × 330.3mm (16.94 × 19.30 × 13.00″).

There is currently no details regarding pricing and availability, but NANLUX states that those details will be revealed soon. It is so new that there isn”t even any photos available of the Fresnel that I can share with you.

Two new reflector options for the Evoke 2400B

In addition to the Fresnel lens, NANLUX also has two new reflector options for the Evoke 2400B. The optional new 30° to 60° reflectors will join the existing 45° reflector that ships with the light. Adding more reflector options increases the versatility of the fixture.

Again, just like the Fresnel, there is no indication currently of pricing or availability.

You can see both the NANLUX FL-35E Motorized Fresnel Lens and the new reflectors, as well as all of the other NANLUX and Nanlite fixtures at NANLUX stand 446 at BSC Expo, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th February 2024, at Battersea Evolution, London, UK.

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