ZGCINE ZG-X160, ZG-X99 & ZG-X50 V-Mount Batteries

The ZGCINE ZG-X160, ZG-X99, and ZG-X50 V-Mount Batteries are a follow up to the companies ZG-S series batteries. I reviewed the ZGCINE ZG-S95 V-Mount Battery on the site last year and you can read that review here.

The batteries feature a non-slip design, and a glass panel. ZGCINE doesn’t”t list how much they weigh.

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The batteries feature the following inputs and outputs:

  • USB-C 1 PD IN/OUT: 5V/2A;9V/1.8A;12V/2A;15V/2.2A;20V/5A
  • USB-C 2 PD OUT: 5V/2A;9V/1.8A;12V/2A;15V/2.2A;20V/3.25A
  • D-Tap/BP IN: 16.8V/3A
  • D-Tap/BP OUT: 14.8V/15A
  • DC 8.4V/3A OUT, DC 12V/3A OUT

Its nice to see batteries with two USB-C PD ports as that is arguably a lot more useful than having a USB-A port.

With USB-C PD ports you can charge the battery or also use them to power and charge other devices such as laptops and smartphones.

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In a nice touch, the dual independent USB-C PD outputs can both be used at the same time.

Screenshot 2024 02 05 at 18 41 58

ZGCINE is claiming that the ZGCINE ZG-X series are the world’s first batteries with real-time detection capabilities for any port.

Screenshot 2024 02 05 at 18 41 28

The batteries are equipped with a 1.3″ IPS screen and the display can show current, voltage, total power, remaining time, temperature and other information of the battery.

Screenshot 2024 02 05 at 19 01 19

With USB-C PD fast charging using the USB-C PD 100W input, the VG-X99 V mount battery can be fully charged in 1.5 hours with a 100W charger. The VG-X160 takes 2.5 hours, and the VG-X50 takes 1.5h using a USB-C PD 45W input.

Now, the biggest caveat with the ZGCINE batteries is that you can’t charge them on most regular V-mount chargers, they only charge through USB-C and on ZGCINE’s own V-mount charger.

Price & Availability

The battreies are now available for the following prices:

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