GVM CXT36 36° Projection Kit


The GVM CXT36 36° Projection Kit is being touted as a high-quality optical system designed for a wide range of GVM LED spotlight fixtures.

You can use the 36° Projection Kit to transforms Bowens mount LED lights with up to 300W into a spotlight. The integrated four-leaf cutter, allows users to shape and control the beam.

In the kit you also get a gobo holder and 12 gobos so you create patterns.

The 36° Projection Kit  it compatible with GVM’s PR150D, Pro SD200B, Pro SD300B, SD80D, SD300D, SD300S, SD200D, and SD200S models. As it is Bowens-S mount you could also use it with other manufacturers spotlights, but you need to be aware that because of the different COB designs it may not work as well and it may generate excess heat that could end up damaging your light.

GVM claims that the CXT36 has a durable yet lightweight aluminum alloy housing. It weighs 6.94 lb / 3.15 kg and it has physical dimensions of 14.6 x 10.9 x 9.3″ / 371 x 278 x 236 mm.

Price & Availability

The GVM CXT36 36° Projection Kit is now available to purchase for $469 USD.

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