Nanlite Global Introduces Three New Li-ion Batteries


Nanlite Global has three new Li-ion batteries. They are v-mount only with D-Tap sockets for versatile powering solutions.


Specifically designed for powering lighting fixtures that are within the 14.4-14.8V voltage range, recommended for Nanlite’s Forza series 60W and 150W lighting fixtures or others in the same range. The battery features a wireless charging zone. Users can also quickly charge using a charger supporting the Power Delivery (PD) fast charging protocol.


The BT-V-14.8V300 is compatible with fixtures operating at 14.4-14.8V, such as the Nanlite Forza, PavoTube, and MixPanel series. Equipped with four D-Tap outputs, the battery powers lights and serves as a versatile power source for smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices.


The BT-V-26V489 is designed for fixtures requiring 26V voltage, such as the Nanlite Forza series fixtures with power of 500W and above. With an IP54 waterproof and dustproof rating, the BT-V-26V489 is built to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring your lights stay powered and reliable even in adverse weather conditions.

Pricing and Availability

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Pricing and availability have not been announced. It’s good to see more high-output batteries designed to power lights as there is a need for remote use of high-output lighting. Especially in the 300 watt power consumption models. With two 489 Wh batteries, you can get well over an hour with those 300-watt lights.

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