MUTINY Limited Edition Paint Bucket Drop X/SIDE for RED KOMODO X

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MUTINY has announced a new limited edition Paint Bucket Drop X/SIDE for the RED KOMODO X. The Paint Bucket Drop X/SIDE is just a a custom version of MUTINY’s existing X/SIDE with a different paint job. If you are interested in that sort of thing or someone who likes customizing your camera rig then it may be of interest.


The X/SIDE is an IO cheese plate with front of camera power distribution for the KOMODO X camera. X/SIDE meets RED’s airflow requirements even if all holes are utilized. The X/SIDE is designed, CNC machined and assembled in the USA.

Please Note that you cannot use the outrigger handle with X/Side but almost every other handle is compatible (GDU Atlas for example).


  • Power IN – 2pin 0B lemo type power input connector
  • EXT 9pin 0B input cable (from camera to X/SIDE)
  • EXT 9pin 0B passthrough connector (for SmallHD camera control, redundancy and other accessories)
  • Timecode 5pin 0B connector for timecode IN/OUT
  • Genlock BNC connector
  • CTRL 4pin 00B connector (for SmallHD camera control, C-Force, Arri HI-5 etc) 
  • Fischer 3 R/S power passthrough on front side 11-17v for trigger and power
  • 2pin 0B power passthrough on front side 11-17v for powering monitor or other accessories
  • REC button built in for easy access 
  • Tally REC Light built in (*To turn this feature on, in the camera menu, go to system settings, GPO function, then select Recording Indicator Out.)
  • Camera direct and X/Side to X/Block braces included
  • 1/4-20 tapped holes with Arri Standard pin locators
  • 3/8-16 tapped holes with Arri standard pin locators
  • M4 holes for GDU Atlas handles

You can also use X/SIDE to shoot vertical video  


2x M4 x 20mm screws
1x 3mmx4.63 HEX key
1x X/BLOCK bracing plate with screws
1x Direct to X bracing plate with screws

**Note as of today, you cannot use this with the RED RF to PL top and bottom braces at the same time.  We will be putting out a pair of braces in the near future that will allow it***

Price & Availability

The MUTINY Limited Edition Paint Bucket Drop X/SIDE for RED KOMODO X is now available in limited numbers for $510.00 USD which is just $15 USD more than the standard version.

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