Movcam Sony BURANO Rig


Movcam has announced its new Sony BURANO Rig which was designed to be modular and lightweight, while also offering ergonomic and comfortable operation for both handheld and shoulder mounted shooting modes

The Movcam Sony BURANO rig includes a base, top plate, handle, side bracket, power unit and an EVF bracket.


The Base includes a bottom plate and shoulder pad with standard 15mm rod clamps and universal dovetail slots. The shoulder pad is made of comfortable and wear-resisting elastic material.

Top Plate

The Top Plate features multiple accessory mounting screw holes, supporting 1/4″ and 3/8″ accessories. It also offers 15mm rod clamps and EVF mount, convenient for lightweight shooting needs. The top plate is compatible with Sony’s original top-handle for the FX9 or BURANO.


Movcam has developed a new handle extension grip for the Sony BURANO. A lot of shooters like to add an extension to the top handle, and this is typically a right-angle downward grip. The problem with the right angle grip is that it makes it difficult to change the battery, especially high-capacity V mount batteries without taking off the grip. The new Movcam grip solves this problem with batteries. 

Sony BURANO 03 405

This extension grip also offers better operation for users. It is claimed to be ergonomic, comfortable and convenient. It can be detached and adjusted front and back, providing better balance. Movcam will use this same design on more camera rigs in the future.

Side Brackets

Sony BURANO 03 272

There is one bracket on each side of the camera body, with a NATO rail and standard rosette, as well as some 1/4″ and 3/8″ holes for other accessories. The NATO rail can also be used to mount the EVF.

Power Unit

The Power Unit provides various power output interfaces, including two standard D-TAP ports, one 14.8-24V 3-pin port, two 14.8V 2-pin ports, and one USB-C port. These interfaces can supply power for other accessories as well.

EVF Mount

The EVF Mount was specially designed for the Sony BURANO. It is a compact bracket that can be mounted on the NATO rail. It supports rotation and flipping of the EVF, facilitating the change from LCD panel position to the viewfinder configuration. Damping is adjustable and the EVF bracket can be securely locked.

Price & Availability

The Movcam Sony Burano base kit is $599 USD, and the studio kit is $1299 USD. They are both expected to star shipping once the Chinese New Year concludes on February 20th. They will be available on sites such as B&H, CVP, etc. and local dealers.

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