Blazar Remus 1.5x Anamorphic Tutorial– Shimming Lenses Without a Projector

Blazar has released a tutorial video that shows how to shim the Remus 1.5x Anamorphic lenses without a projector.

You can download the Blazar Back Focus Testing Chart and print it out.

Blazar Remus 1 5x Anamorphic 03

I recently reviewed the Blazar Remus 1.5x Full Frame Anamorphic lenses on the site and you can see that review here. The lenses I was using for the review did not come with any shims. Now, in saying that, anamorphic PL mount lenses should be calibrated and set up correctly when they leave the factory and you shouldn’t have to shim them. Normally you should only have to shim PL mount lenses if you are using PL adapters.

Here is what Cooke has to say when it comes to shimming anamorphic lenses:

Cooke Optics Ltd advises NOT to adjust the back focus shim stack on Anamorphic lenses as this will adversely affect the optical performance – introducing astigmatism to the lens. Adverse effects to the factory calibrated distortion and shading maps will also occur. It is recommended to check the camera FFD is accurate. However, if an Anamorphic lens absolutely requires shimming it is imperative that the reseller/rental house accurately document any changes to factory calibrated shims – and ensure that those changes are kept on record for later use. By documenting the shims that were installed originally in the factory, it should be possible for the reseller/rental house to revert back to original shims if needed. Only certified optical technicians at the reseller/rental house should perform the procedure. It is essential to take note of which factory calibrated shims are installed before making alterations. If factory calibrated shims are not documented before adjustment, this may result in additional factory calibration, cost, and time delays. Cooke Anamorphic lenses are already calibrated to within +/- 6 micrometer (0.006mm) tolerance and as such, Anamorphic lenses are already calibrated to match each other very closely. A torque setting of 7lb/in should be applied to all PL mount lenses.

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