MID49 Microphone Shock Mount (Sideways 15mm Rod)


MID49 has announced a new Microphone Shock Mount (Sideways 15mm Rod) that looks like a nice option if you are looking to mount a microphone on your camera rig.

Mounting an on-board microphone on your camera can be tricky and there are lots of different weighs of doing it. MID49’s solution looks to be a good one if your camera has the ability to run a sideways 15mm rod.

The Microphone Shock Mount was made in collaboration with Radius Windshields, and it mounts to a top 15mm rod like that found on Sony Burano and other similar cameras.

The only thing you do need to be conscious of when using a mic mount on a front mounted 15mm rod that is also being used for a monitor or EVF is that if you adjust or move that rod then the microphone mount is also going to move.

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The suspension is claimed to provide exceptional isolation from movement, handling noise, and other vibrations.

MID49 recommends that it is suitable for use with short shotgun, omni, cardioid, and super-cardioid pencil mics with a diameter of 19-25mm, up to 150mm in length. 

Product Weight: 2oz (57g)
Product Dimensions (WxLxH): 2.77 x 4.08 x 2.57in (70 x 104 x 65mm)

The MID49 Microphone Shock Mount (Sideways 15mm Rod) is now available for $147 USD.

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