edelkrone Tripod X– world’s first fully motorized tripod

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edelkrone has officially announced Tripod X which they are claiming is the world’s first fully motorized tripod.

edelkrone teased this last year and it was supposed to be announced back in November.

Above you can see how the Tripod X works.

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According to edelkrone, it can effortlessly raise and lower even the heaviest camera setups including all of edelkrone’s motion control systems. With Tripod X, you can change from any height to another with a touch of a button.

Tripod X can be adjusted from a minimum height of 34cm up to a maximum height of 148cm. The lengths of the connecting rods, which determine the spacing between the legs, can be adjusted while standing up, without the need to crouch down.

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The motors, in the Tripod X enable it to lift payloads of up to 44 lb (20 kg). 

Tripod X weighs 9 kg / 19.84 lbs and it has a folded height of 71 cm / 27.95″).

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Now, it doesn’t do this quietly. Tripod X produces some operational sound (64 db). If you want to make quieter, you do have the ability to lower the speed of Tripod X.

Auto Self-Leveling

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You can utilize Tripod X on uneven ground and with a single touch of a button, it levels itself. Smart sensors embedded within Tripod X constantly monitor and adapt, to make sure your setup remains perfectly level without requiring any intervention. 

Can you use it outdoors?

Even though it can be used on uneven surfaces indoor use is highly suggested. edelkrone states that mild climate outdoor usage is also possible.

Now, edelkrone does stress that sandy environments, such as beaches or deserts, should be avoided. It is also not water-resistant and should not be used in the rain or on wet surfaces

Essentially what edelkrone is saying is that this is really a product that is best suited for indoor use.


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Tripod X features a display screen and several controls that you utilize to adjust the height, do the self leveling, and enter a menu to make other changes.

How is it powered?

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Tripod X is powered by a 12v 3.0Ah power tool battery. According to edelkrone, this battery allows Tripod X to work for weeks on a single charge. The battery is detachable and a charger is included.

An average of 300 adjustments can be made on a single charge.It can currently only be powered from the battery port ( a dummy battery for GBA battery port is coming soon).

What tripod heads can be used?

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The head attachment surface diameter is 10 cm (3.94 inches) and there is a 3/8″ threaded screw on top for camera head attachment.

You can also use edelkrone camera Heads with Tripod X. FlexTILT models deliver manual camera angle positioning on a very slim form factor. HeadONE and HeadPLUS allow for ultra precise, silent motorized pan and tilt control.

Motion Time-lapses

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You can use Tripod X to create smooth transitions between 2 different poses and get dynamic motion time-lapses. You do this by connecting your camera to the trigger port on Tripod X using a shutter trigger cable (sold separately).

edelkrone App

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The edelkrone App for Apple and Android devices will eventually be able to control the Tripod X.

Tripod X also integrates with the entire edelkrone motion control ecosystem.

Price & Availability

Tripod X is now available to order for $2,599 USD and it is expected to start shipping in around 3 weeks.

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