ARRI 360 EVO Stabilized Remote Head

Building on the success of the SRH-360, ARRI has announced a new stabilized remote head called the 360 EVO. It features 360-degree rotation on the roll axis as well as the pan axis, a more robust design, and remote system integration.

Key features

  • Full-circle rotation on the roll axis enables even more creative shots
  • Shared hardware and software with TRINITY 2 allow quicker setups, better value for productions, and strong ROI for customers
  • Upgrade path for SRH-360 owners
2 2024 ARRI 360 EVO stabilized remote head 04

A new GUI and multiple accessories are shared with the TRINITY 2, creating a uniquely integrated lineup of hard and soft-mounted stabilizer options.

4 2024 ARRI 360 EVO stabilized remote head 07

Since the launch of TRINITY 2, operators have been exploring the creative opportunities provided by its 360-degree rotation on the roll axis, revolving around the optical center of the lens. Now, the same technology has been scaled up for the ARRI 360 EVO three-axis stabilized remote head, 360-degree rotation on the roll axis, revolving around the optical center of the lens, enables even more creativity for films, dramas, commercials, and music videos. Exceptionally dynamic roll-axis shots can be achieved by mounting the head to a crane, for example, or a cable cam above a live broadcast event.

3 2024 ARRI 360 EVO stabilized remote head 11

The 360 EVO runs on the same software platform as TRINITY 2, with the same popular and intuitive GUI displayed on its touchscreen remote control panel. The two products also share cables, brackets, and SAM plates for mounting different cameras, and can be controlled by the same tools, such as ARRI’s Digital Remote Wheels DRW-1 and new Digital Encoder Head DEH-2. TRINITY 2 customers can therefore invest in the 360 EVO without having to double up on accessories or learn new workflows. By offering both systems professionals can extend their services to a production, increase their workdays, and reduce setup times, which is also of great benefit to the production itself.

LBUS connectivity enables efficient digital and metadata workflows, while the new software and GUI are focused on long-term Unreal Engine integration to facilitate virtual production. Plug-and-play control of the 360 EVO over the internet will be possible in future when using an authorized repeater cloud service, providing exceptional flexibility of control options.

5 2024 ARRI 360 EVO stabilized remote head 24

With its remote system integration, 360-degree roll-axis rotation, payloads up to 30 kg, compact size, versatile connectivity, high-capacity 12/24 V camera power supply, and rock-steady stabilization even at long focal lengths, the 360 EVO offers an unparalleled price-performance ratio that makes it a budget-friendly product for the cine and broadcast markets.

First customer shipments of the 360 EVO, as well as upgrades for SRH-360 owners, will begin in Q1 2024.

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