Aputure FLEX event in Los Angeles

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Aputure is putting on a free FLEX event on January 26th in Los Angeles where you can experience a deep dive into film lighting. While it is free you do need to RSVP in advance to attend.

Aputure is teaming up with Cinelease and Lux Lighting to bring you a special Film Lighting Experience (FLEX) event centered around advanced lighting concepts for film and television production. Featuring masterclasses by Julian White, Chief Lighting Technician on Game of Thrones and The Martian, and Tim Kang, Associate Member of the ASC.

Julian White– Chief Lighting Technician

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With credits such as Game of ThronesThe Martian, and Crazy Rich Asians, Julian White will impart his lighting experience in a 45-minute advanced lighting masterclass. This presentation will allow you to follow his creative and technical thought processes as he demonstrates how he would light a complex scene using fixtures such as our INFINIBARs, Electro Storms, and the MC Pro.

Tim Kang– Associate Member, ASC

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As a cinematographer with an expertise in color science, Tim Kang will take you through lighting a complex scene while providing in-depth explanations on the science behind new and old lighting concepts. His presentation will utilize the INFINIBARs in innovative ways, capitalizing on their unique form factor and color science.

Where & When?

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The course will take place at Cinelease Lighting & Grip Los Angeles 5375 West San Fernando Road Los Angeles, CA 90039 on Friday, January 26 from 2:45 – 7pm PST. You need to RSVP in advance to attend.

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