ARRI has announced TRINITY Live which is a upgrade option for TRINITY Gen.1 which improves the camera stabilizer’s functionality within the ARRI Multicam System and third-party broadcast camera applications.

Comprising new hardware, wiring, and connectivity, the upgrade kit optimizes the TRINITY Live system for live productions.

ARRI has been branching out in recent years and providing specialist tools that bring a cinematic aesthetic to broadcast applications, and TRINITY Live is aimed directly at that market.

Key features

  • Improved TRINITY Gen.1 camera stabilizer performance for live broadcasts
  • Optimal integration with the ARRI Multicam System and third-party broadcast applications
  • Extends the life of TRINITY Gen.1 and allows operators to expand into new markets
  • Repositioned wireless video link to off-camera lightens the entire system by up to 4 kg / 8.8 lb and provides a more stable signal
  • Further upgrades, like the 24 V camera power and Master Grip TRINITY are available for the TRINITY Live system

ARRI announced its Camera Control Panel CCP Live and Tally System Gen.2 at NAB 2023, which expanded the broadcast capabilities of existing ARRI cameras and camera stabilizers systems. The new TRINITY Live complements both of these products and provides the ideal way to seamlessly integrate stabilized ARRI cameras into live, multi-camera broadcast environments.

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TRINITY Live allows the wireless video link that is required for broadcast work to be mounted at the bottom of the system instead of being attached to the camera, as is normally the case.

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Positioning a wireless video link such as the Vislink system at the bottom of the center post allows it to be used as a counterweight when balancing the rig, reducing its weight by up to 4 kg / 8.8 lb. The new position also results in a more stable wireless signal because the antenna rotates within a smaller radius and fluctuates in height less than it does when attached to the back of the camera.

Enhanced connectivity is at the heart of the TRINITY Live upgrade, with four new 4G video lines and a 10 Gbit shielded Ethernet line facilitating the new wireless video link position. The connectors for these new video lines necessitate a completely new center post, post connection, top stage junction box, and wiring loom, all of which are included in the upgrade kit.

In total, TRINITY Live offers five 4G video lines. The four new lines feed the wireless video link with up to four quad link signals (4 x 3G), or with two video lines when Dual SDI (2 x 6G) is needed. The fifth video line serves as a playback line, allowing the operator to see the program image on a second monitor, transmitted wirelessly from the OB van to the TRINITY Live. Meanwhile, the additional internal 10 Gbit Ethernet line provides the OB van with full camera control and communication.

Two further TRINITY upgrade options are also available for specific TRINITY Live use cases. The ARRI Master Grip TRINITY upgrade gives operators simultaneous control of a zoom lens and the stabilizer’s tilt axis via a common LBUS controller. The 24 V upgrade for TRINITY Live allows the system to provide reliable 24 V camera power when operators need to fly an ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA 35, or Sony Venice. TRINITY Gen.1 rigs previously upgraded to 24 V must still be fitted with this new 24 V upgrade as part of a TRINITY Live conversion.

The TRINITY Live, Master Grip TRINITY, and 24 V upgrades are available to order now. 

If you already own a TRINITY Gen.1 and would like to make it broadcast-friendly, contact ARRI’s service office in Munich. They will upgrade your stabilizer into a TRINITY Live and give you the option of booking the Master Grip TRINITY upgrade at the same time.

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