Digital Juice ends operations following founder David Hebel’s death

Digital Juice

Digital Juice has closed its doors. This is sad news for the production world, as Digital Juice has helped many, including me, with motion graphics and graphics for many years.

For 25 years, Digital Juice has offered a unique library of graphics. Before downloading files were available, they sold their products on CD and DVDs. I have an HD library still on disks. Plus, they had production products at a competitive price, like bags, backdrops, lighting modifiers, and more. Truly a unique business.

Digital Juice statement

Another excellent choice for motion graphics and effects is Rampant Design. They offer different tools than Digital Juice, such as glitch and light leaks, Premiere Pro transitions, and much more. Check them out if you haven’t already. Several years ago, there was some controversy that Digital Juice was reselling Rampant Design graphics. It was fairly obvious that this happened, and it was a bummer that they did that. I’ll leave it at that.

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Two more companies, Busyboxx.com and Animation Boxx, are owned by Digital Juice or a partner that has shut down.


Digital Juice had membership plans that allowed users to download whatever they had in their library for royalty-free use. They also offered lifetime plans. If you paid for a membership that went longer than month-to-month, contact them to see if compensation is coming, but I’m not sure if they are responding as there isn’t any contact info on the website, only the statement that they are now closed. The Phone number is (407) 531-5540. email is [email protected].

I find it odd that the companies shut down abruptly without notice to membership holders. It’s a company with more management than one person; however, I don’t know the details or financial health.

It’s always sad to see a company you depended on close down, especially due to the passing of the founder. My condolences to their friends and family.

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