KONDOR BLUE introduces the Stalman Clamp For Vertical Filmmaking

Vertical video used to be a DONT DO IT! but with social media, the format is the defacto orientation. In comes Tyler Stalman who wanted to make shooting vertically easier and designed with KONDOR BLUE a new clamp and mount to do just that.

Tyler 3 900x

The Stalman Vertical iPhone Clamp by KONDOR BLUE is primarily designed for social content creators. The clamp has smooth edges and was designed to easily slip into your pocket with or without the phone. It also works seamlessly with a range of KONDOR BLUE accessories that allow you to add power, media, mics, and more

Tyler3 900x

Included is a 40 Gbps USB-C Elbow Adapter. The adapter is covered by a mini dovetail plate that is held magnetically in place. The plate also features a ¼”-20 anti-twist mount. With the USB-C mount now pointing to the back of the phone, it’s prepped to add accessories.

Tyler2 900x

Whether you’re running your phone paired with a simple accessory or fully rigged, the pro mounting options are exactly where they need to be. The clamp has an Arca Swiss mount and a mounting point for other tripod plates.

The Stalman Clamp looks to be designed primarily for the iPhone 15 Pro, as the camera cutout is a perfect fit for it.

Key features

  • Vertical first clamp
  • Designed in collaboration with YouTube/TikTok creator, Tyler Stalman
  • Integrated 40 Gbps USB-C Elbow Adapter (works with most phone cases)
  • Strong clamping force
  • Mini dovetail for easy access to USB-C port
  • Anti-twist mounts (ARRI standard spacing)
  • DJI compatible Arca plate integrated
  • Camera block protection

The Stalman Clamp retails for $75 and is available in Space Gray and Raven Black.

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