KONDOR BLUE and Angelbird codesign a Recording Module for the iPhone 15 Pro

Apple gifted mobile filmmakers the new USB-C iPhone 15 Pro and its ability to record to external media. The iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max have opened up a new world for content creators with the ability to record ProRes. The new CFexpress B Recording Module is a collaboration with Angelbird and KONDOR BLUE.

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Key features

  • External recording in up to 4k 60 fps on CFexpress Type B Media
  • For use with the iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max
  • USB-C 3.2 Gen 2×2 up to 20 Gb/s
  • Recessed connection port ensures stable, uninterrupted data transfer
  • USB Bus-Powered no additional power source required
  • Endures extreme temperatures and shock
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • ¼”-20 Mount with male/female options for ARRI standard 3mm anti-twist pins
  • Magnetic array compatible with MagSafe for quick connection
  • 5” USB-C 3.2 Right Angle to Straight angle cable included
Screen Shot 2023 12 16 at 12 28 40 PM

KONDOR BLUE states the magnet connection is strong, and the rubber pads provide additional friction to keep the module in place while avoiding damaging the iPhone’s glass back. It can also be mounted via ¼”-20 on the back and has male/female ARRI style 3mm anti-twist options.

Screen Shot 2023 12 16 at 10 59 00 AM

It can also be used with any USB-C recording-capable camera. The module also doubles as a card reader when offloading your footage. For rigging, the Cold Shoe ARRI Mount Adapter makes for a solid and simple way to attach the module to your camera. 

The Recording Module retails for $99.99 and is available for preorder direct from KONDOR BLUE. A 3-year warranty backs it.

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