Rehoused Angenieux user-swappable, multi-format, vintage, cinema zoom


GL Optics has rehoused the Angenieux 20-120mm T2.9, but with a twist. The zoom is a user-swappable, multi-format, vintage lens. So, 1 zooms can cover 3 formats: Academy 35mm (black scales), Super 35mm (red scales), and Full Frame (silver scales).

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According to Ancient Optics, this rehoused Angenieux zoom provides a good blend of character and optical performance. The images are said to be sharp in the center with low contrast across the frame. Flares are claimed to be bold and the bokeh creamy and textured. The lens is said to pair well with vintage prime sets from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

The original donor lens featured a rotating and telescoping front group of elelents which made it difficult to use for cinema applications. The lens was also originally designed to only cover the Academy 35mm format.

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By using Optic Magnus expanders, G.L Optics was able to change the lens so that it could be used to cover multiple sensor sizes. All the lens group movements are now also internal. You can now just change out the rear optical group to make the lens cover A35, S35, or FF sensors.

The color coded focus, iris and zoom scales can also be swapped out. The front diameter is 136mm.

Depending on the configuration, the lens weighs between 17.3 lb / 7.84 kg to 18.06 lb / 8.19 kg.

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In its original configuration, the lens is a 20-120mm T2.9

Screenshot 2023 12 16 at 15 01 40

When used in its full frame configuration the zoom is a 30-180mm T4.9.

Screenshot 2023 12 16 at 15 01 50

The lens when converted to cover S35 sensors becomes a 24-144mm T3.6.

Screenshot 2023 12 16 at 15 32 35

There will be a very limited number of these special lenses. The first one is already available to rent at Ancient Optics.

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