ARRI has released its new TRINITY Skater that allows you to balance your TRINITY even faster. When setting up any type of gimbal or stabilized equipment, anything that can help you speed up the process is always a welcome addition.

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The TRINITY Skater helps reduce the time required for balancing the TRINITY. It consists of a sturdy base support to which two wheels are attached. Both wheels are equipped with ultra-low friction ball bearings.

So how does it work? Well, you place the rig horizontally onto the Skater and it shows you where to position batteries and accessories to achieve perfect weight distribution and balance.

Once the TRINITY rig has been placed on the Skater in a horizontal position, the operator can now determine the extent to which the batteries used, and the mounted accessories influence the balance of the rig. As the Skater acts like a precise measuring instrument, the operator can see where and how best to position the batteries and the necessary accessories on the sled in order to achieve perfect weight distribution and balance. If the wheels currently in use show dents after prolonged use, the skater has two spare wheels.

The new method divides the balancing process into four individual steps.
1. balancing the lower sled / rig
2. balancing the TILT axis of the TRINITY head
3. balancing the camera / 16 neutral positions
4. balancing the entire system

The advantage is that the first two balancing steps can now also be carried out without a camera. For example, one day before the actual shoot in the hotel or at home. For the first step, balancing the lower sled / rig, you need the new TRINITY Skater.

I haven’t been able to find pricing information for the TRINITY Skater.

Yes, this is an extremely niche product, but if you own or operate a TRINITY, then it looks to be a very useful addition to your kit.

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