Grip Tip: How to use a Quacker Clamp for bounce boards

Bouncing light is one of the best ways to get a little soft fill. It’s also easy, but sometimes mounting the bounce boards, such as bead and foam core, can be problematic, especially if you want to get the board in different positions, such as at an angle or over the top.

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Matthews Quacker Clamp

Matthews Grip has a great product that I use for mounting these boards called a Quacker Clamp. It’s a simple design, but it works a treat! The Vice Grips make the system work well, as you can adjust how much clamping you need by tightening or loosening the jaw, allowing for different thicknesses.

This little trick is a good one. Using a grip arm to support the bottom of the bounce makes the card much more stable, especially outside if it’s breezy.

Get your grip on! Enjoy.

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